The LETU Brand Elements

About the Five Brand Elements

The LETU brand is historical in the ways in which we've lived out these truths in our past. It is aspirational in the ways in which we desire to prove them moving forward and incorporate new vision into the truths of who we are. These five broad, fundamental beliefs are the foundational truths of who we are as an institution. Each one on its own makes us unique from other colleges. Together, they make LeTourneau University undeniably one-of-a-kind.


Global / World Changers  (Transformational)

Historical: R.G. took the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world...on business trips and missions trips. He didn't see a world with borders.

Aspirational: LeTourneau University both recruits students from and sends students into all the world. And through their ingenuity, they are making a global impact.