The LETU Brand Elements

About the Five Brand Elements

The LETU brand is historical in the ways in which we've lived out these truths in our past. It is aspirational in the ways in which we desire to prove them moving forward and incorporate new vision into the truths of who we are. These five broad, fundamental beliefs are the foundational truths of who we are as an institution. Each one on its own makes us unique from other colleges. Together, they make LeTourneau University undeniably one-of-a-kind.


Christian / Faith & Work  (Spiritual)

Historical: This foundational element of our brand was the heart of R.G. LeTourneau's work. Having coined the phrase "God needs businessmen as well as pastors," R.G. was revolutionary in his perspective on the relationship between faith and the workplace.

As an unapologetically Christian institution, we refuse to waver from this belief. We aren’t just Christian in name. Throughout the branding initiative, numerous constituency groups referred to many of our competitors as being “more of a Christian college in name,” or “formerly Christian.” LeTourneau University is a conduit or catalyzing change agent in a believer’s life to expand their reach and heighten their focus in ministry. Yet here, ministry stretches beyond a pulpit or a mission organization. In turn, traditional work is our non-traditional view of missions. We profess God in our professions.

Aspirational: With an interdenominational foundation, LeTourneau University instills the increasingly rare perspective in Christian Higher Education that vocation is a truly worthy mission field, and passionate faith does not have to be limited to the theology department. Building upon this, we are poised to be a preeminent voice of the faith and work movement.


In the above photo, LETU President Dr. Dale Lunsford tours the A.C. Horn Company. An invitation from the owner, Doug Horn, and LETU alumnus and employee, Tommy Galloway, gave Lunsford a first-hand account of how faith can be integrated into the very highest caliber workplaces.