Admissions 101

We’ve asked our admissions team what all YellowJackets should know to help out friends and family who are looking to join the LeTourneau Nation.

How has the admissions process changed as more and more students apply to LeTourneau and technology speeds up the application process?
The most exciting thing is that we can receive and review applications in a much more timely fashion, thanks to the online application process. Not to mention, students can stay up-to-date on their admissions status every hour of every day, by accessing MyLETU, at www.letu.edu. Also, we now receive ACT and SAT scores electronically. In most cases, we have a student’s test score before a student does. It’s exciting to call the student and share in the joy of their hard work as exhibited in their test scores.

What recruitment programs does LeTourneau offer for interested students?
We host different preview weekends where prospective students can come visit our campus, stay and eat with current students, meet their admissions counselor and, of course, attend class and chapel. LeTourneau also has an extensive Alumni Ambassador program in which alumni attend college fairs and meet with interested students. This helps to spread the word about LETU, since our admissions counselors are frequently traveling across the country to recruit new YellowJackets.

How are LeTourneau’s admissions counselors organized, and what role do they play in recruitment and enrollment?
In true LeTourneau fashion – we operate “outside of the box.” Traditionally, counselors are assigned based on geographic location, but at LeTourneau, we organize our admissions counselors by academic major. That means all interested engineering students work with the same person, all education students work with the same counselor and so forth. A counselor’s role is to walk the student through the entire admissions process: from completing the application, financial aid, housing and ultimately greeting them on their move-in day!

Is it too late to apply? Where can interested students and parents get more information?
LeTourneau doesn’t have an admissions deadline. However, we encourage all students to complete their application as soon as possible. Financial aid is awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis starting every January. To receive financial aid, a student must have completed the application process. Students can visit
www.letu.edu/apply for more information. They can also click here to meet their admissions counselor.