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Web Publishing services are provided by LeTourneau's Web Development department. The information below is provided as a courtesy based on information provided by the Web Development group. For more information on personal and department web publishing please contact webmaster@letu.edu

Student web publishing services are currently provided to individuals participating in the portfolio programs for some cornerstone classes. please see your instructor for details. No other web publishing services are available to students at this time.
LeTourneau University provides online web space to faculty and staff.  This storage space is primarily for the publishing of personal web pages that adhere to the guidelines described in Appendix H (“Guidelines for Internet Publications”) of the Faculty/Staff Handbook.  These guidelines may be found on LeTourneau’s website at
The online storage space may also be used for storing small documents that need to be accessible over the Internet.  For example, a staff member may want to store a PowerPoint presentation online so that it can be accessed by their professional colleagues.
1.  Log in to LETNET. 
First, you must log on, as yourself, to a computer on the LeTourneau network (LETNET).  This can be done through one of two methods:
  1. If you are using a computer at one of the LeTourneau sites (e.g., in an office or in a learning resources center), simply log on to that computer as yourself.  
  2. I f you are not at a LeTourneau site, (e.g., on a home computer), you must connect to LETNET through the LeTourneau terminal server.
2.  Copy files to your personal web publishing folder.
Locate the web pages or other files that you wish to make available online.  Select those files (by clicking, or ctrl-clicking for multiple selections) and then right-click your selection and choose the Copy command from the popup menu.  Then open the Windows Networking share called
by clicking your Windows Start button, clicking Run, then typing in the address. Right-click an empty space inside this folder and choose the Paste command from the popup menu.
3.  View your web pages or files.
Open a web browser and view your files.  Your web pages or files will now appear on LeTourneau’s website at

For example, a web page named "family.html" stored in John Smith's personal web publishing folder will appear at
Special Features  
Index Listing
Every faculty and staff member's personal web folder contains a default page called "index.html" that initially displays the message “Coming Soon...”.  This page is displayed whenever someone enters the address to your personal web folder, without indicating a particular file name.  For example, if we browsed to http://www.letu.edu/people/johnsmith  (without a file name after "johnsmith"), then we would see the contents of the "index.html" page.  You should create your own default page called "index.html" page to overwrite the existing one.
When you have updated the “index.html” file in your personal web folder, you will be automatically added to a "people" directory at
By default, your entry in the list will be your LETNET username (e.g., garyholeman).  If you would like to change your entry to something more descriptive, create a text file called “description.txt” in your web folder that contains the one line of text you would like to have appear in your listing.  To create a text file, right-click inside your web folder, choose New, then choose Text Document.  The people listing will eventually be sorted by this text, so please begin it with your Last Name, then a comma, then your First Name.  You may also want to add your title.
E-mail Address Listing
If you would like an e-mail link to appear with your listing in the people directory at
create another text file called “email.txt” inside your web folder.  This file should only contain your preferred e-mail address, on one line.  
Private Folders
You may create a folder called “intranet” at any level under your personal web folder.  Web pages or files placed in your “intranet” folder, or inside any of its subfolders, will only be available to viewers on the campus network, or to those who are able to provide a valid LETNET username and password. For example, if you are a faculty member and you want a file called "mypresentation.ppt" to be accessible only by your students and/or your LeTourneau colleagues, then put that file inside your "intranet" folder within your personal web folder.  LeTourneau students and employees would be able to access the file at

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