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How to check your voicemail from: OFF-CAMPUS
  1. Dial (903) 233-3999
  2. Wait for the voicemail system to answer.
  3. Press the * key any time during the voicemail system welcome message.
  4. Enter your extension followed by the # sign.
  5. Enter your password (Your initial password is 12345 ) 
  6. The voicemail system will play back your voicemail messages.
  7. If the voicemail system gets to the point where it begins to read email messages to you - then you have no more new voice messages.
  8. As always, you can access advanced options for your personal Unity voicemail box by browsing to the Unity Voicemail ActiveAssistant
  • You may also reach your voicemail by calling your extension, pressing the * key during your voice greeting and continuing with step 4 above.