Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend New Student Orientation?

We require all new students to come early for new student orientation because it is a program specifically designed for their benefit, and it ensures that the transition goes smoothly from both ends.  We want you to be 100% sure that you have all the information you need before the first day of class, and that you get a jump start on forming new connections at LETU.

Do I need to sign up for New Student Orientation?

Not really -- if you are registering for Fall classes, we are expecting you to be there!  That said, if you need transportation from the Longview or Shreveport airport, or the Longview bus or train station, it would be helpful if you could let us know by filling out the arrival form on the student checklist at  MyLETU so we can be ready to pick you up!

How many people can I bring with me to New Student Orientation?

You’re more than welcome to bring your parents, siblings, grandparents, neighbors, or friends to experience with you the excitement of moving to college, but a good rule of thumb is to limit yourself to about four guests, just to keep things manageable for all of us. Please make sure you identify your guests in the arrival information you submit, and remember, they won’t be able to stay in the halls with you.

Where can my parents and family members stay during this time?

Guests (including parents and families) are not able to stay in the residence halls during the first weeks of school, so parents and families should plan to stay in a hotel for the duration of their time in Longview.  [LIST OF HOTELS AND TRAVEL INFORMATION]

What is the purpose of New Student Orientation and Family and Parent Orientation?

Simply put, we want students to form competence, confidence, and connections here at LETU in their first few days. Confidence that they have come to the right place, and that they are a welcome part of our community. Competence regarding our policies and procedures, and things like class registration and financial aid. And finally, we want students to make connections with each other and with the staff and faculty of this campus. We want to begin forming new relationships as soon as you step on campus.

Are my meals provided during Orientation?  What about my family’s meals?

Everything is included for the new students during New Student Orientation, whether you are on the meal plan or not. You will be provided a temporary meal card to use at meals.

The first day of class, however, only students on the meal plan will be able to eat (at no extra cost) in the dining hall; commuter students will need to begin paying for meals if they choose to eat on campus.

Parents and families will need to be prepared to pay for each meal that is in the Dining Hall.

I need a ride from the airport or bus/train station.  Can someone pick me up?

Students flying into Shreveport (SHV) or Longview (GGG), or arriving by train or bus in Longview, may arrange for rides using the Arrival Form in your Student Checklist. If you have any questions about specific arrangements, please contact futurestudent@letu.edu.

I or someone in my family needs special accommodations while we’re visiting.  What do we do?

Any new student or guest need accommodations should let us know by:

Please contact LETU by August 6th to ensure accommodation. However, we will do everything we can after that date to meet your special needs.

I’m coming to LETU from another country.  Can I arrive earlier than others to get settled?

There is an International Student Orientation provided for international, “third culture” students, and others arriving at LeTourneau from somewhere other than the United States. Click here find out details of this event and to receive a schedule of special events designed to acclimate you to the U.S., to Longview, and to LETU—even to help you set up bank accounts and fill out the variety of international forms required.

Have more question? Contact:


Office of New Student Orientation

Email: FutureStudent@letu.edu
Phone: 903-233-4467


Steve Conn
Director of Orientation
Director of Student Programs