Executive Cabinet

Carly Robinson, Student Body President

Carly Robinson is a senior studying 4th-8th grade education, and she hopes to apply her major and passion for teaching towards becoming a middle school educator. Hailing from the small town of Clifton, Texas, she also enjoys world travel and meeting new people. Carly's LeTourneau pastimes have included writing and editing for the YellowJacket newspaper, supporting her brother floor and friends at intramural games, attending Solheim's Zumba classes, acting in a Stage Right musical, participating in Fall Fest with a crazy nun costume, and giving ridiculous etiquette and makeup advice in Hootenanny skits. As Student Body President, Carly hopes to serve students primarily by assisting communication to and from administration, as well as by equipping and connecting people, ideas, and groups together within the student body. For campus news and food for thought, you are welcome to 'like' her Facebook page "Spirit of LeTourneau."

Michael Koreis, Student Body Vice President

Michael Koreis is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering here at LETU. He wants to become a leader for Christ in the workplace. His hobbies include football, rescuing kittens from trees and helping the elderly cross the road. Michael loves receiving sporadic hugs, so if you see him around campus, go give him one. Do it. Just hug him, it's ok. Michael plans on using his powers as Vice President to improve the campus through students' ideas and, with the help of LETU student senate, end world hunger and create world peace.

Josh VanLeer, Student Body Treasurer

Josh VanLeer is a senior studying Biology. He is from Danville, Illinois and hopes to go into the medical field after getting done with his undergraduate degree. Josh believes that God is leading him to use his skills in the medical field to spread the good news. He has served 7 years as an Intelligence Analyst in the Army National Guard (6 years in the Illinois National Guard and 1 year in the Texas National Guard). Josh has been a member of Student Foundation. He was a Senator for his floor sophomore year, and this is his second year as treasurer. Josh was a member of the Wheels undergraduate research team for three semester. He enjoys hanging out with friends and watching movies. Josh plans to keep accurate financial records and help the Executive Cabinet and Senate make responsible decisions on how to spend the money that is entrusted to the Student Government.

Avery Cheeley, YAC President

 Avery hails from the great State of Idaho, but before you ask, no, he isn't a potato farmer. He's a Junior studying mechanical engineering, and hopes to eventually start his own company. When it comes to campus goings-on, Avery enjoys a vast array of activities; aside from getting to know his friends more deeply, he loves theater, singing along with any song he knows (or doesn't know), thinking of business ideas and inventions, attending ALL the YAC events, and finding fun wherever it may be. However, Avery is only 51% extroverted; he loves people, but also loves his i-time (a time of reflection, relaxation, and alone-ness). Avery loves getting mail (CPO 988); his favorite animal is a tiger, and he actually got to play with a cub; he worked as a janitor through High School; he has over 24 shirts that he has accumulated for free by volunteering or participating in different events and clubs; he has a motorcycle back home; he loves wakeboarding, exotic cheeses, and art; he's a theater nerd. Avery hopes to provide quality events and activities that students enjoy, so if you have a great idea, email him or YAC@letu.edu.

Tim Mindling Jr., LSM President

Tim Mindling Jr., a senior working to attain a B.S. of Aeronautical Science with a Mission Aviation concentration. Tim loves getting to know other students personally in a one-on-one setting and plans to be a missionary pilot long term. He loves any athletic activity as well as chatting over a good cup of coffee. Interestingly, though he is from South Lyon, MI, he grew up as a missionary kid in Central Asia for sixteen years. Tim would like to see students yearn to know God is a very personal way and is going to try to provide opportunities that will allow such growth to occur.


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