Recognized Clubs and Organizations:

The list of LETU clubs and organizations is available here.


How to get recognized:

Clubs recognized by Student Senate may reserve campus facilities and petition Senate for funds. E-mail SteveConn@letu.edu to learn the steps of getting your club recognized.


Requesting Money from Senate:

In order to divide Senate's limited funding fairly, the FAC committee requests that all clubs and organizations intending to request funds submit a budget soon.

The budget should include the following:

  1. A detailed description of secured funding and how it is to be used.
  2. The amount of money requested from Senate.
  3. What you plan to do with your requested funds.

Please note that Senate is not the primary source of funding for any of the organizations. If possible, we want to know that your organization has made a legitimate attempt to procure funding from other sources, such as fundraising events, dues, sponsorships, or other means. As such, we would like to see some sort of proof that your organization has other sources of funding in place besides Student Senate.

Budgets are due to FAC by September 30th. Budgets submitted at a later date will be less likely to receive funding. Questions can be emailed to JoshVanLeer@letu.edu.


For more information, contact:

Josh VanLeer
Student Body Treasurer