A cozy, coffee atmosphere in which students can get away and relax for a while. Student bands play covers or original work in their own unique style. Hot drinks and snacks are provided.


Finals Eve (Summer Bash)

Sometimes you really just need a break from studying for those dreadful finals. Sometimes, you need an energy drink or two to make it through the night. Sometimes, you need something like the Finals Eve party to lift your spirit! Finals Eve is an event that happens every semester on the night before finals. It includes pizza, energy drinks, fellowship, and fun!


Movie Night

One of our favorite events are the movie nights. Typically, we have one or two movie nights per semester. Movies range from oldies but goodies, to some of the latest and greatest. Snacks are always provided. Check the YAC calendar to find out when and where the next movie night is!


Gotcha Week

Always a huge hit, Gotcha Week is one big campus nerf war. Before the event, each participant must sign up, giving their name. These names will then be shuffled and sent to participant's CPO boxes. The name you receive is your first target. It is then your job, as the hunter, to find and shoot your target before they shoot you! If you are shot by the player hunting you, you are out of the game. At the end of the week, the survivor with the most kills wins!

Note: Nerf gun and bullets not provided.

Rules:  GOTCHA Rules 2014


Definately the biggest event of the semester, Hootenanny is one giant talent/drama show! Run and performed by students, it brings to you all sorts of emotion. Hootenanny will make you laugh until you cry, sit back in awe with your jaw dropped to the floor, and struggle to contain the emotion welling up inside. Acts range from dance, comedy, art, music, and of course drama. Auditions to act in Hootenanny are always several weeks before the big event, so make sure you're ready well ahead of time!



Catamelon is an event that usually occurs the morning after Hootenanny. This event challenges your skill in building a catapult, with which you must then attempt to fling a melon the furthest distance. The team whose catapult can throw a melon the farthest wins the prize.

 Rules:  Catamelon Competition Rules


Come Bowling With Us

Simply put, this is a fun night of free bowling for you and your campus friends! YAC gives you tickets to the local bowling alley, and takes the fun off-campus in a college-student-affordable kind of way!


Longview Rodeo

Who doesn't love a good 'ole Texas rodeo?! YAC sells discounted tickets to the Longview Rodeo in April! Time to enjoy a real Texas experience!

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