Student Activities

The Office of Student Programs offers a variety of experiences to help students get engaged on and off campus.  Student activities provide opportunities for students to grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually. And you can also pick up some unique skills like building catapults.






Past Events:

  • AcoustiCafe – Listen to an LETU band play, enjoy some good food, and relax with friends.
  • Cardboard Boat Race – Build a boat with your floor out of nothing but duct tape and cardboard and race it across the pond. Cash prizes for the fastest and most creative boats.
  • Catamelon – Watch our students fling watermelons with home built catapults, or build one yourself and enter the competition!
  • Donut Thursday - Keep and eye out for YAC members who will be handing out donuts all around campus.
  • Fall Fest – Spend a week celebrating floor unity by dressing up as your floor’s theme and competing in activities like Airband, Dress up RG, and Car Cram.
  • Finals Eve/Midnight Breakfast –Take a break from studying to see Corey Ross dressed as Santa Clause, and grab some pizza and energy drinks to get you through finals week.
  • Gotcha Week – Optional campus-wide "assassin" game. Carry a Nerf gun and watch your back – danger is everywhere during Gotcha week.
  • Hootenanny – LETU’s traditional variety show (for over 45 years!), coupled with Homecoming festivities!
  • Intramurals – You don't have to be an athlete to compete in sports. Team up with your floor and play other floors for bragging rights, or just come to cheer on your floor.
  • Movie Night - Watch a movie in ASC and eat provided snacks!
  • Mystery Bus Tour – Hop on the bus and have an adventure. You won’t know what you’re going to do until you get there!
  • PwnFest – Gamer’s night. Need I say more?
  • RG's Block Party - Come eat food, hang out with friends, and play games on the ASC patio.
  • Silver Steer Showdown - Floors compete in games like "Save the Towns Water" and "Quick Draw Trivia" for the Silver Steer Trophy.
  • Spirit Day – Show your LETU spirit by supporting our soccer teams at their annual game against our ETBU rivals!
  • STOMP (STudent Organization Mall Party) – Come have fun and check out what LETU clubs have to offer at our annual back-to-school bash!



Questions? Contact:

Steve Conn

Associate Dean of Student Engagement

(903) 233-4431