The Traveling Team

About the Speaker

With a full staff team and thousands of campus meetings behind them, speaking engagements that include Urbana, Campus Crusade Christmas Conferences, summer projects and Baptist State Conferences, the Traveling Team has been instrumental in teaching and mobilize college students to become World Christians who fulfill their responsibility in World Evangelism.

From the beginning the vision of The Traveling Team has been to:

  • Give a challenging "Biblical Basis of Missions" talk and offer one to one follow-up the next day to anyone interested.
  • Focus on 4-year, secular college campuses as our target audience.
  • Offer follow-up steps to the thousands of college students that we speak to so that they can grow as World Christians.
  • Start a new team every 2 years to re-visit the states the previous team has already traveled to.

Chapel begins at 10:50AM