Keith Walker

About the Speaker

Keith and Becky Walker founded Evidence Ministries in 1995 as a missionary outreach to the San Antonio, TX Area. Its threefold purpose is to reach Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons for Christ, to teach Christians the differences between these two cults and Biblical Christianity, and to warn the community about the dangers of these groups.

Keith & Becky were both saved in 1988; Keith at a Billy Graham Crusade in Rochester, New York, and Becky through an independent study of I John in Mililani, Hawaii. They both started attending solid churches and were immediately discipled.

Keith attended Emmaus Bible College from 1989-1992 and graduated with a three-year Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies. He has since completed his Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies. Becky attended Emmaus from1991-1992 and earned a 1-year certificate. They moved to San Antonio, TX in 1992 and were married July 25th of that year. Becky earned her Bachelor’s degree in 1995 and her Masters degree in 1997 from UTSA in vocal performance. The Walkers now have three children.

Chapel begins at 10:50AM & 7:00PM