Patty Ross

RD: Davis Hall

I grew up on a lake in Northern Minnesota with my parents, sister, and two brothers.  Life growing up was filled with working on the farm, playing in the water, and going to just about everything a school offers to do. I attended Bethel University (College back then) in St. Paul, MN majoring in International Relations with minors in Business and Communication.  God had other opportunities in store for me and I became involved in student development.  After taking a break from school, I went to Azusa Pacific University in CA to pursue my Master of Education in College Student Affairs.  I recently was married to a wonderful man (Corey Ross).  Both of us live and work at LETU, so we have lived out our relationship on campus. It has been great and sometimes hard to do that but the benefits of living in community far outweigh the hardships. In fact, you can check out his proposal at YouTube under Hootenanny Proposal.

Why I am in Residence Life... During my time in undergrad, I loved the social aspect of school.  A lot of my friends and I decided that we were going to try and become Resident Assistants.  As it turns out, nine of us were RA's that year in the same area!  I loved it!  I was asked to return and kept returning till I graduated.  The job of RA was so fun it didn't even seem like a job.  So, I thought if I can do this and get paid for it, this would be the best job.  My RD encouraged me to pursue Residence Life and years later I am still in it.  College was such a huge learning and growing time in my life that I love to challenge students to go past where they are at. I have been working at various schools in various jobs since 2000. 

Some things I wish someone had told me in college... If you learn how to learn, you can pursue a position in pretty much anything. The cafeteria has good food; you just get tired of eating at the same place all the time. The stories you hear of people being best friends with their roommates are roommates from their senior year, not first year. That you have to be proactive about school, your professors aren’t going to ask you about missing homework. You can study in Australia for a semester for about the same price as Longview. Your parents’ beliefs will be challenged and you will have to develop your own faith and what you believe about God.

Favorite Book/author:  I really like to read fiction, so my favorite might be somewhat hard to figure out.  I really enjoy the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers.  Historical fiction is very intriguing.  I also like Ted Dekker, Randy Alcorn and Lori Wick.

What I like to do in my free time... I love to travel.  I took a year off college and traveled to get the "bug" out, but instead it only made me want to go back and visit places I've been, friends I've made, and places I haven't been to yet.  I grew up on a lake, and also love the ocean.  I could send hours or days just sitting on the beach...a good book, warm sun, and the waves rolling in.