John Forester

RD: Tyler Hall

My name is John Forester. I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, but grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina. I an the residence hall director for Tyler Hall, the oldest residence hall at LeTourneau University - which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the Spring of 2013. I received my education from Covenant College and Western Seminary. After graduation from Covenant College in 1988, I spent the next 10 years wandering, working different jobs and wondering what my life was to be about. I finally followed some counsel and began to pursue counseling, which turned into a pursuit of a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis on pastoral counseling in 1998. This is my second stint as an RD, having served as RD at LETU from 2003-2005 for the Quads and two of the three Trinity ResHalls. After marrying my wife Debi in the summer of 2005, I returned to LETU in July of ’07 with  Debi, and baby son, Ethan. ( We have since been blessed with a baby girl Callen, born in May of 2010.)

I find the RD life one that suits me very well and frequently I think I have the best job in the world! My desire and goal is to be available and helpful to the men of Tyler Hall in understanding what it means to be a good man here at LETU, and in all facets of life. If being a good man begins in the home, then as the older brother/father figure, I believe I bring to these men experience and wisdom given to me by God that will help us walk and talk together in fruitful relationship as we move through their life on this campus. The ultimate goal is coming to see that indeed, we can love God by enjoying Him forever as good men in a dark world.

I am enjoying being a husband and father as this takes up most of my free time. When I can, I enjoy reading fantasy/sci-fi, philosophy, watching and playing soccer, and other sports, and enjoying a good cup of coffee with a friend at a cool coffee shop, wherever that may be (preferably Seattle!).