Davis Hall

Davis Hall is the second structure on campus to be named after Margaret Estes Davis. The Estes' were instrumental in helping to bring R.G. LeTourneau to Longview. Mrs. Davis continued her support of the university after the passing of her first husband and her marriage to Mr. Davis. 

Davis Hall was completed in 2005 and creates a courtyard between itself, Thomas, and Gilbert Halls. The building is three stories tall with roughly 50 students per floor. Davis is one of our halls that is home to both men and women, but they are housed on different floors with elevator access only available to the floor's residents.  (Don't worry mom & dad; there are several locking doors between the men and women...).  Davis Hall is also home to the Honors Commons, which is where our new students in the Honors College reside.

Davis Hall has all of the conveniences of home on a residence hall-sized scale. There is a large kitchen and laundry room off of the main lobby on the first floor. Each floor also has central floor lounges.  The lounges on the second and third floors provide additional kitchenette space for those floors. The spacious rooms of Davis Hall are of drywall construction. Two rooms share an adjoining bathroom.

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