University Police Staff


Cliff Ingersoll

Interim Chief of University Police





Juan Roberson
Police Officer


Missidime Davis
Police Officer


Delora Coles
Police Officer


Stephen Newton
Police Officer


Kevin Blakeley
Police Officer


UPD also includes a corps of student officers who:

  • Patrol the campus
  • Provide security and access to facilities after hours
  • Enforce traffic regulations
  • Control traffic at major events
  • Perform many other services


All members of University Police are:

  • First Aid and CPR certified
  • AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) trained
  • Routinely trained to help improve crime prevention and safety on campus.


University Police Guards

The Guard corps of UPD is comprised of student workers who have been specifically trained to serve the LETU community in accordance with the University’s rules, regulations and policies. This training enables them to resolve a wide variety of issues, provide professional services and facilitate most activities of the campus community. These guards work in conjunction with and many times independent of UPD police officers and in all cases represent the security and law enforcement interests of the university.