Welcome from the Dean of Students

Welcome to Student Life at LeTourneau University! We are glad that you have chosen to visit our website to learn more about who we are and what we do. We have desired to create a site that helps you discover what life as a LeTourneau student is really like, whether you are attending classes on campus in Dallas, Houston, or Longview, or if you are attending online in your living room or office.

Residential students should get to know more about what it means to join our local community by living in our residence halls, participation in dozens of leadership opportunities, campus activities, service projects, intercultural events, and athletics.

But many of our students are already leading and living out their faith in the workplace in East Texas, and around the world. And it is our desire to challenge and support you to pursue a first class education as you live it out in the community where God’s already placed you. ALL of our students should know about our desire and support for students to grow, no matter where you’re studying: maintaining health, discovering calling and potential careers, and deepening faith.

What you won’t be able to find from our site—and what we’d love for you to experience in person—are the incredible relationships that are built though interactions with our world-class faculty and staff. Whether you get a chance to interact with us in a residence hall in Longview, an office in Dallas, or online from your mission field across town or across the world, we are sure that you are going to discover that we care about your success and growth as a student, as well as your value as a child of God.

College is designed to be an incredible time of growth in the life of every student—spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically, professionally, and culturally. The programs, activities, and services within Student Life are designed with that Christ-centered, whole-person development in mind. God has placed us in this community together at this specific time to grow more in His likeness and to work toward the advancement of His kingdom. We invite you to join us in these exciting opportunities!

We hope that you will find this site helpful and informative. If you have further questions after looking through it, feel free to contact us.

God bless you!

Corey Ross
Dean of Students