Online Learning: Am I ready?

An online program can be a convenient option for busy professionals who want to continue their education, especially for those who thrive on the independence and freedom offered by online education. But you may be wondering if an online program is right for you.

We recognize that learning styles differ, particularly with adult students who have varying education backgrounds and a wide range of years since they've last been in school.

As one of the nation's pioneers in offering online courses and degree programs, our tools (such as Canvas) support that initiative. In addition, our distance learning students get the support of instructors and fellow students who provide the guidance and feedback every student needs.

Five Habits of Highly Successful Distance Learners

Compare yourself to the following list of five habits of highly successful distance learners to determine whether online classes are right for you:

  • Motivation to work independently and stay on task
  • Ability to work at a pace necessary to complete assignments
  • Good reading comprehension skills and aptitude to consume information without direct guidance
  • Ability to filter distractions that might get in the way of learning
  • Capacity to use online communications – email or discussion boards – to explore new concepts with peers

You've probably used the Internet for business or other personal activities, from reading the news to checking your bank statement or paying bills. Life is so much easier using the Web! Still, many potential students are left wondering if they're ready for online learning. To get a sense of your probability for success, try this short questionnaire and read up on some important facts regarding distance learning.