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Family & Married Student Housing is available to married or single parent LeTourneau University families who are enrolled full-time or have been admitted to LETU. Part time students are not precluded from applying for housing, but full time students will receive priority housing over part time students. Current apartment residents who do not maintain full-time status may lose apartment eligibility based on need for full-time applicants.
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A deposit of $225 must be included with this application to place you on the apartment waiting list. The deposit can be paid through the cashier; please specify that this payment is for the apartment deposit. This deposit is a combination housing fee and damage deposit. Upon leaving married student housing, the apartment condition will be assessed, and students will be refunded the deposit less $50 plus the amount of damage within 30 days of check-out. If you decide to withdraw from the married student housing waiting list, this deposit is fully refundable, less a $10 processing fee.

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