Graduate Student Housing Application

This form is for single (unmarried) students enrolled or entering a LETU graduate program.  If you are a married graduate student seeking on-campus housing, please fill out the Housing Application for the Married Student Apartments.

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Living Options

Durham House and Carpenter House will be reserved for single graduate students and older undergraduate students looking for a quieter, more independent, on-campus housing experience. All rooms in this living area are private room suites, so you won't need to worry about roommates - but will share a bathroom with one other student. Housing is offered on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows. For more information about the specific buildings, go here.

Special Needs: Please indicate any medical or physical limitations that may affect your housing.
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Housing is available to full-time LeTourneau University students who are enrolled or have been admitted to a LETU graduate program as space is available. Part-time students are not precluded from applying for housing, but full-time students will receive priority housing over part-time students.
Agrees to ResLife Policies:*
Living on-campus is not required for students who have either completed a degree, or who are older than 21 years old. By choosing to live on-campus as a graduate student, I agree to abide by the policies outlined in the LETU Undergraduate Student Handbook as well as the Graduate Student Catalog.

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