Multimedia Production

IT Media Services offers a variety of additional technological services that aid faculty in time management and class enhancement.


Production - IT Media Services staff can record and edit, both audibly and visually, various university events upon request.  Faculty may also request help from Media Services with designing and producing instructional videos.  This service is provided without charge to faculty and staff, unless an unusual amount of hours will be required to complete the project.  In that case, the requesting department may need to supply funds for additional needed labor.

Duplication - Audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes can be duplicated by Media Services.  Two options are available to students and faculty regarding duplication:  copies can be made from production copies kept in the Media Services office, or students and faculty can bring in items to be duplicated.  Media Services staff will not duplicate any item that is copyrighted without the written permission of the copyright holder.  The requesting person or department will be charged for the cost of the media -- see  prices listed below.

Conversion to digital - With the technology of today, various options are available for converting one type of multimedia to another.  For example, VHS can be converted to DVD and audiocassette can be converted to digital audio (CD or MP3).  Other formats may be available as well.  Please contact Media Services at techsupport@letu.edu for a price quote.

Presentation Development/Enhancement

Media Services seeks to support university faculty in their development of instructional and/or professional presentations.  Faculty members may request Media Services to develop PowerPoint presentations or enhance existing presentations.  Please contact Media Services at techsupport@letu.edu for more information.

Price List  
Service Price Unit
Audio tape copy $4.00 each
CD copy $4.00 each
Color label printing (on CDs and DVDs) $1.00 each
DVD copy $7.00 each
Scan images or pages $7.00 hour
VHS tape copy (1 hour) $6.00 each
VHS tape copy (2 hour) $8.00 each
Video tape creation or editing $10.00 hour