Our Mission

LeTourneau University is a co-educational, interdenominational Christian university built upon a foundation of biblical authority, which seeks to glorify God by integrating faith, learning and living. Recognizing that all knowledge comes from the Creator, the university helps students develop a maturing relationship with God, encouraging them to know Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

LeTourneau is a comprehensive academic institution, offering undergraduate, graduate and continuing education, and setting standards of excellence in engineering, technology, the liberal arts, business, aeronautical science, education and the sciences. These programs are distinguished by an approach that provides students with the pure intellectual excitement of learning, coupled with real life problem-solving opportunities. At the core of all programs is an emphasis on developing communication and critical thinking skills.

This integrated philosophy of education extends to all aspects of student life at LeTourneau, providing tangible opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical development. LeTourneau helps students mature and develop leadership skills, self-sufficiency and self-discipline by providing a campus community that enables faculty, staff and students to interact on a uniquely personal level. In addition, our university encourages the faculty and staff to serve as role models in spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Beyond its campus in Longview, Texas, the university is mindful of the need for service and Christian witness in the broader community and throughout the world. LeTourneau serves its community through research and by responding to the need for educational programs to adult students at off-campus sites and educational centers. It encourages in its students the qualities of ingenuity and entrepreneurship that contribute to free enterprise and the democratic process. In addition, LeTourneau attracts students from many nations, sensitizing all students to other cultures. And it encourages students to responsibly communicate their views, values and Christian faith to the world.