Content Updates

Content Updates

Because the departments whose pages represent them on the Web know their areas best, it is essential that each department work in conjunction with the University Web team. While the University Web team oversees all major content updates, employees and faculty members are expected to regularly review web content pertaining to their department to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness and contact the web team with any questions, ideas or concerns they have about Web content.

While individuals across campus may create their own content, all updates must be approved and solely published by the University Webmaster and Director of University Marketing & Communications, who have the responsibility to edit as appropriate for consistency, accuracy and presentation. If you are interested in receiving training in our content management system, please contact:

Sara Shipley, Digital Media Communications Coordinator, (903) 233-3293

Process to address outdated info or other non-initiated content changes

The University Webmaster has the authority to make corrections and remove outdated information across all University Web pages. In such a case, the Webmaster will notify corresponding area’s faculty and/or staff members and request feedback and information needed to update the pages.

However, if updated content information and/or feedback is not received within a reasonable period of time, the Webmaster may take the pages offline or update without feedback in conjunction with the Digital Media Communications Coordinator or Director of University Marketing & Communications.

For all departments who have a Web presence, it is the responsibility of these entities to work in conjunction with the Web team to ensure their Web content is current, cogent, and content rich.

For all non-technical questions regarding the Web pages, contact:
Sara Shipley, Digital Media Communications Coordinator, (903) 233-3293

For technical questions, contact:
Mark Roedel, University Webmaster, (903) 233-4398

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