Hands-On Learning

At LETU, we get it. Personal experience makes all the difference in education. That’s why we provide all of our students hands-on learning opportunities that take their education from excellent to phenomenal. Knowledge is great, but knowing how to apply that knowledge is what really makes it powerful.

LETU students intern with companies all over the globe, work with faculty members on research projects, travel the world on study-abroad trips, get their hands dirty in labs and work on some killer projects with our senior design teams.

Aviation & Aeronautical Science

We have our fair share of flyboys (and girls) at LeTourneau, and we make sure they each have the training and experience they need to make it in the aviation industry.

Our students log flight time in our fleet of airplanes and learn the ropes of air traffic control in our panoramic ATC tower simulator.

Our future aviation technicians (or even pilots who just want their A&P licenses) disassemble, inspect and re-assemble engines in workshops and learn to repair and maintain aircraft structures, troubleshoot problems, and maintain airframes in labs at the LETU Abbott Aviation Center.


Arts and Sciences

Whether LETU students dream of becoming famous journalists, entering medical school, reaching younger generations as youth pastors, developing the next big computer game or someday running for senate, LeTourneau University will give  them experience they need to get them on their way to achieving their goals. 

We encourage, and often require, our students to complete field-related internships, giving them real-world experience and an edge in the job market. Many students also get involved in faculty-led research projects, which often help them land choice jobs or entry into graduate school.  



Students of the School of Business benefit from the real-world assignments and individual attention LETU is known for.

Our students are building a foundation for their future careers through in-depth course projects, business-specific study abroad experiences, community outreach and integrated internships.

Whether they're winning a year's supply of free pizza for designing a marketing campaign for a local business, interning for a magazine publisher in China or helping Longview locals file their tax returns, our business students are gaining valuable job experience every day.



LETU's School of Education includes the psychology, kinesiology, and teacher education departments. Each department provides its students with opportunities for academic enrichment and real-world experience.

Our teacher education students start working in classrooms from their very first semester. Our psychology majors complete research projects under the guidance of faculty and participate in practicums that help them see firsthand what the field of psychology is all about. Many of our kinesiology students participate in our intercollegiate sports teams, and some also complete field-related internships, giving them a head start in their careers.


Engineering and Engineering Technology

For students of the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, hands-on experience is crucial. From the first semester, our students are working in labs and finishing team projects, all of which culminate in participation in one of our year-long senior design team project that have earned our students and our university national recognition.

Many of our students also complete internships with well-known companies, including Rockwell Collins, Texas Instruments, IBM and Bell Helicopter. Many companies love their LETU interns so much that they offer them full-time positions at graduation! 


Global Service Learning

At LeTourneau, we seek to be a university of global impact. We want our influence to reach every workplace and every nation, and we want to bring about positive change while we're at it. 

The Center for Global Service Learning seeks to equip students and faculty to impact the lives of people around the globe in ways that meet needs and provide long-term sustainability.

Our Global Service Learning teams do everything from measuring wheelchair functionality for children in Africa to researching the correlation between visual literacy and problem solving and its applications in education.