Cornerstones at a Glance

What is Cornerstones?

Cornerstones, part of the First Year Experience, is a course that introduces students to the LeTourneau University community and encourages a holistic approach to life-long learning. In Cornerstones, students explore how to fulfill God’s unique design for their lives. The course develops four essential cornerstones of life and learning: personal, intellectual, spiritual, and community. The Cornerstones curriculum is built around five Christian Leadership Distinctives. Each class is comprised of 15-20 freshmen and is facilitated by a Mentor and a Peer Advisor.

Why Cornerstones?

The course helps students to...

  • Understand Self
  • Connect to LETU
  • Establish Mentor Relationships
  • Develop Friendships
  • Understand University Life

Who are Mentors?

Mentors are capable, professional faculty or staff members who serve as Christian role models to their students. Mentor responsibilities include...

  • Assisting freshmen in the process of developing connections at LeTourneau.
  • Working to ensure that each student receives the benefit of social, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual counsel.
  • Leading students into self-discovery of God’s plan for them.

Who are Peer Advisors?

Peer Advisors are experienced student leaders who have demonstrated academic and community success. Peer Advisor responsibilities include...

  • Connecting with a group of 15-20 freshmen who enter LeTourneau University with little to no college experience.
  • Assisting freshmen in making their own connections in the LeTourneau community.
  • Coaching new students into appropriate study habits.


Please contact:

Dr. Wayne Jacobs

School of Education