Christian Leadership Distinctives

LeTourneau University is committed to integrating the Christian Leadership Distinctives; Discovering Purpose, Grounding Values, Broadening Knowledge, Deepening Skills, and Collaborating Service into the educational experience of each student. The specific leadership distinctives integrated into this course include:

Discovering Purpose
The foundation of this course is based upon facilitating your exploration of God’s purpose for your life. Three foundational questions provide the focus of this examination:

  • Who has God created you to be?
  • What has God called you to do?
  • How can you begin to prepare for as well as practice that calling while at LeTourneau University?

In this course you will take several inventories, read articles, participate in discussions, and write reflections that will aid you in this journey. Through this investigation you will be challenged to pursue a more profound understanding of God’s purpose for your life.

Grounding Values
All truth is God’s truth; therefore, all aspects of our learning find their foundation in the Christian faith. In this course you will examine your faith, why you believe what you believe, and why others believe what they believe in order that you will be able to serve as an effective ambassador of Christ to the world.

Broadening Knowledge
The nature of this course is to inspire you to see your education as something that aids your development is all aspects of your life (cognitive, social, spiritual, physical, and emotional development). You will be challenged to understand the value of a liberal arts education, the importance of critical thinking, and the significance of competent communication.

Deepening Skills
During this course, you will be encouraged to develop and hone a variety of lifelong skills. Learning how to learn about yourself as a personal, spiritual, relational, and intellectual being to develop necessary skills for your success in this university and throughout the scope of your life as a Christian leader called to Christ’s work.

Collaborating Service
As a unique member of the body of Christ inexplicably connected to others, each of us has a role to play in carrying out the work of God in our community and throughout the world. It is our expectation that as you discover your role in our community that you love and serve others in the same manner Christ loves and serves you.