President's Circle: Corporate Scholarship Program

As part of the President's Circle program, corporate friends of LeTourneau University can establish one or several scholarships in the name of their business or corporation.  The President's Circle Corporate Scholarships are provided to excellent students who are eager to complete their degree at LETU and enter the workforce as quickly as possible.  These scholarships enable excellent students access to additional scholarship resources provided through corporate donors.

Recipients of the President's Circle Corporate Scholarship Program must graduate from high school with a 3.0+ GPA and a 23+ ACT or 1050+ SAT.  Scholarships are awarded to entering freshmen.  Throughout their career at LETU, a GPA of 2.5 must be maintained in order to retain the scholarship.

LETU invites corporate donors to develop a relationship with their scholarship recipient and follow their progress throughout the student's degree program.  Ideally, a student recipient might be "first in line" for internships or other cooperative learning programs at the business.  If possible, corporate donors are encouraged to attend LETU's annual Scholarship Gala which celebrates the relationship between the corporate giver and the student recipient.

President's Circle Corporate Scholarships are $3,000 per year and may be paid in installments convenient to the giver.

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