Healthcare, Science and Math Preview

Next Upcoming Preview Dates:

Saturday, December 3, 2016


The LeTourneau University: Healthcare, Science, and Math Preview is designed to showcase our degrees by letting you hear from our Faculty and Students and see our facilities in person. The unique part of this preview is the ability to choose the sessions that interest you in the Academic Showcases listed below. 

Tentative Schedule



9:30am – Check-in

10:00am – Welcome from Dean Frazier

10:30am – Program Overviews

  • Chemistry, Physics, and Math - Dr. Ball
  • Biology and Kinesiology - Dr. Frederick
  • Nursing - Dr. Quiett

11:30am – Academic Showcase 1

  • Virus Hunters
  • Research in Chemistry
  • Nursing Lab Experience
  • Practical Application of Math
  • Overview of Admissions and Financial Aid

12:30pm – Lunch with Faculty

1:30pm – Academic Showcase 2

  • Virus Hunters
  • Research in Chemistry
  • Nursing Lab Experience
  • Overview of Student Life

2:30pm – Application to Medical School (or Campus Tour)

Description of Showcase Sessions:

Virus Hunters – students in freshman biology participate in a nationwide research program, which focuses on the isolation of previously unidentified viruses.  The hope is that a newly discovered virus might be helpful in combating various diseases.  Our students have been successful in identifying new viruses and have presented the results of their research at regional and national conferences.

WHEELS – In the WHEELS Team, students research wheelchair function for children with disabilities in low income settings.  The goal of this research project is to improve the lives of people with disabilities by providing feedback which will result in better wheelchair design.

Research in Chemistry – Our students engage, side by side, in meaningful research with our Chemistry faculty.  Learn more about these research projects and the potential for future involvement.

Nursing Lab Experience – Our state of the art Nursing Simulation lab is the centerpiece of our residential nursing program.  Get a preview of what it is like to learn nursing skills on a lifelike simulator.

Practical Application of Math – Mathematics is the language of the STEM fields.  For those who are proficient in this language have a wide-open job market from which to choose.  Learn about some of the practical, real world applications of math.

Application to Medical Schools – Dr. Greg Frederick, our Pre-Med Advisor, will lead you through the Medical School application process, providing helpful tips and insight.  Once you get to LETU, he will continue to work with pre-med students, providing relevant and timely advice.  Get to know Dr. Frederick!

Travel Expenses Reimbursement

If you are planning your first visit to LETU and you eventually enroll at LETU, we will reimburse you up to $300 (applied to your student account) for travel-related expenses.

It must be your first visit to campus and documentation is required (within 30 days of the original visit).  To apply for the reimbursement, download and complete the Travel Grant Form and mail it back to LETU with required proof of expenses. 

Note - we are not able to reimburse you for frequent flyer miles used nor do we pay mileage - only out-of-pocket travel expenses.