R.G. LeTourneau Faith & Work Scholar Program

Submit Application by March 1st, 2014.

As a young man, R.G. LeTourneau came to a critical fork in the road of his career. Although he had built a successful earth-moving business, LeTourneau believed that in order to make God first in his life, he would need to leave business and become a missionary. Fortunately, his pastor helped him see that God had called him to business as his ministry. The result: scores of inventions, 300 patents, thousands of highway miles, plus millions of dollars given to spiritual enterprises, and a world-renowned Christian university. Who knows how much that one decision has influenced the world and the cause of Christ?

Known as "God's Businessman," R.G. LeTourneau's commitment to close the gap between his Sunday faith and Monday work is embedded in the DNA of LeTourneau University. It also provides the impetus behind the Center for Faith & Work and the R.G. LeTourneau Faith & Work Scholars program. Upon graduation, Faith & Work Scholars will have explored their unique giftedness and calling. Hands-on experience and theological training will equip them to serve God in the workplace, and through participation in this program, they will develop a new network of Christian business leaders.
R.G. LeTourneau Faith & Work Scholars is a co-curricular program, administered by the Center for Faith & Work. The program will involve:
  1. Monthly gatherings to:
    • study and discuss key concepts of a biblical theology of work
    • meet with and interview exemplary Christian business leaders
    • read and discuss important books and articles
    • interact with key leaders in the faith and work movement
  2. Developing a Motivated Abilities Profile, which details an individual's God-implanted capabilities, students will learn how to use their profile as a life-long tool, both to understand and follow their unique calling and do the things God gifted them to do.
  3. Opportunities to interact personally with LeTourneau's Executives in Residence.
  4. Opportunities to enjoy lunch with visiting Faith & Work chapel speakers.
  5. Developing a vision for spiritual impact in their workplace based on a study of Workplace Grace.
  6. Opportunities for mentoring and summer internships in companies with Christian leaders.
  7. Opportunity to enter an entrepreneurship contest.
  8. Special attention given to placement and career opportunities in companies led by Christians.

R.G. LeTourneau Faith & Work Scholarships will be awarded to twenty incoming freshmen each year. The scholarship level is up to $2,000 per year, based on merit, potential, need, or leadership ability. These awards will be issued by the Executive Director of the Center for Faith & Work and the Vice President for Enrollment Services. Each scholarship is renewable based on continuous enrollment, active participation in the program, and a 2.5 grade point average. Selection will be determined by filing an application and submitting a résumé here.  Applications are due by March 1st, 2014. Priority is given to students entering the School of Business or Theology. Students majoring in other programs will be considered on a space available basis.

For more information, contact BillPeel@letu.edu.