Misdemeanor/Felony Conviction Notice

I affirm that I have been notified by my Admissions Counselor to contact the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as I have answered “yes” to having been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony on my Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with Teacher Certification or my Master of Education with teacher certification questionnaire. I have been provided with TEA contact information and web site address as indicated below.

TEA Contact Info

Main Office (512) 463-9734
Educator Certification Information (512) 936-8400

TEA Website


I contacted TEA and have spoken with someone at TEA about this matter. I understand my answer of “yes” to having been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony on my TEACH/M.Ed Questionnaire could possibly hinder my approval for certification by the Texas Education Agency. I further understand that LeTourneau University is not responsible for the certification approval; however, I choose to continue to pursue the application/admissions process for my chosen program at LeTourneau University.

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