The Information Literacy Game

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Players take turns moving around the board, answering questions. There are four categories, and two questions must be answered correctly from each category in order to win.

The Categories are:
Purple CategoryCategory 1 - Selecting a Resource
Green CategoryCategory 2 - Searching/Using Databases
Blue CategoryCategory 3 - Citing Sources/Avoid Plagiarism
Red CategoryCategory 4 - Library Wild Card

As you answer a question correctly from each category, you will receive a light corresponding to the color of the category. Once you receive a light for each of the four categories, you are placed on the Home Stretch.

On the Home Stretch, you must answer a question from each category correctly in order to advance a space. Once you have answered all four categories correctly, you win!

There are 3 special squares you can land on:

Light Bulb
This space will ask you to compare two different websites, or evaluate one website for different kinds of information. These websites will pop up in new windows, so be sure to close them when you are done.

Exclamation Point
This space will randomly do one of several things, such as giving or taking away lights, allowing you to choose an opponent to lose a turn or a light, etc.

Question Mark
This space will randomly choose a category and ask you a question. If it is a category you have not yet answered correctly, you will receive a light for a correct answer.

Single Person Play

Single play is much like the group game, with two additions. For regular category questions (those questions that you get when you land on a colored square), you have 20 seconds to answer the question. If you do not answer within the time provided, the question will be marked wrong.
In addition, you are only allowed four wrong answers for regular category questions. If you get a fifth answer wrong, then you lose the game.

Keyboard Commands

DRoll the die to start the next player's turn
HOpens/closes the Help Window
SToggles game sounds on or off
1-4Select the correct answer to questions

Technical Information

You will need to ensure that Javascript is enabled in your browser and any popup blockers are allow popups from Also note that Website Evaluation questions give you one or two links to click on with websites to evaluate. When you have completed your evaluation of the websites, simply close the window in which the link appeared.


Scott Rice and Amy Harris of UNC-Greensboro are the co-creators of the Information Literacy Game. Amy created the question categories, wrote the questions and additional information and selected websites for evaluation. Scott thought up the idea for the game, programmed the game using JavaScript.

Thanks also to Lynda Kellam of UNC-Greensboro for her assistance.

The game was updated and localized by Tommy Gober for LeTourneau University in 2015.

Character icons provided by the TV show Odd Job Jack.