E. Doris (Floyd) Schmitke Bible

E. Doris (Floyd) Schmitke was born April 11, 1924, in Greensburg, Kentucky, U.S.A., and grew up in Hoopeston, Illinois, U.S.A.  She was the youngest of 3 children. Her mother loved the Lord and took the children to church regularly.

April 8, 1934, Doris accepted the Lord as her Savior and was baptized on April 29, 1934. From that moment on, she served Him gladly.

She graduated Valedictorian from high school and turned down a full scholarship to State College (Illinois) to attend Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, U.S.A.  She graduated with honors with a major in Christian Education.

During her teens and early twenties, she met many evangelists in church, college, and at summer camp in Winona Lake, Indiana, U.S.A.  The camp was founded by Billy Sunday, a well-known evangelist of the time. Each time she met an evangelist or Christian speaker, she asked him to sign her Bible. One person she met a Winona Lake was R.G. LeTourneau.

In 1951, she married Harold Schmitke and had 3 children who were raised with stories of these great men and women of faith. She related how "down to earth" R. G. LeTourneau was and how thrilled she and her friends were the day he had a milk shake with them.

Doris spent years teaching Bible studies and Good News Club, and she owned a Christian book store.  Doris died on November 20, 2007.  The last few years of her life were lost to dementia.  But up to the final month, she could still sing most of the words to "Jesus Loves Me," and her last clear words were three days before she died when she asked to have "my church."  She nodded as her daughter recited the Lord's Prayer and told Bible stories.

Doris truly lived her life verse, II Timothy 2:15, "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

This family Bible was donated to the R.G. LeTourneau Archives, Margaret Estes Library, on August 18, 2008, by Beth Salo (daughter) with her father and brother.

Doris Floyd's handwritten notes in the Bible were transcribed by Beth Salo before the Bible was donated.