LeTourneau University Honors College

Dig Deeper. Reach Further. Dive into serious thought and discussion facilitated by professors who stretch your mind and invest in your life. Engage. Explore. Expand your mind. Embrace the challenge.



The Honors experience

Find your niche in a community where knowledge is appreciated and faith is revered. Where it's customary to push the limits and unleash your thirst for learning. Not to mention, you’ll never be the only deep thinker in the room. In fact, Honors students are more than classroom acquaintances – They make connections for life.

The Honors focus

Beyond the what. We’re after the how and why. Look beyond the basics as a student who is never afraid to ask intelligent questions and seek meaningful answers. Think analytically, critically, outside the box. Honors courses give you the greater intensity and thought-provoking discussion that gets you going. It’s a challenge, but let’s face it. You wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Honors lifestyle

The Honors College goes beyond brainpower. It adds dimension to your life at LETU. Campus activities, community service... it’s all about the well-rounded life. Live it beyond yourself. Students in LeTourneau University's Honors College even experience residence life as a unit (on the first floor of Davis Hall) to heighten this unique sense of community.

Here, you'll be given the opportunity to expand your intellectual, social, spiritual and leadership potential way beyond the norm. Take it. And leave LETU equipped to impact the world.


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2016 Student Scholarship Conference

On Saturday, April 2, the Honors College presents the 2016 Student Scholarship Conference. Beginning with an address from Dr. Stephen Ayers reflecting on his involvement with LETU's global service projects, this will be a time to celebrate the breadth of work being done around LeTourneau. Individuals and groups are invited to present scholarly or creative projects done this semester or previously. Learn more...