St. Petersburg Christian University


International Program at St. Petersburg Christian University is an adventurous way to experience a new culture while advancing your academic goals and growing spiritually. You will be able to learn the language of great Russian writers like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, study their masterpieces in the historical context, experience the best art and culture Russia has to offer, and deepen your understanding of the Bible, Christianity and Christian vocations.

Challenging academic studies are available in:

  • Russian History
  • Russian Language
  • Russian Fine Arts
  • Russian Literature
  • and others, such as Russian Business, Politics, Religion and Theology from a Russian Perspective

Classes are geared toward needs of the English-speaking students and are taught by qualified teachers from SPbCU and other local universities. Trips to famous cities, such as Moscow and Novgorod, are also available.  

For more information, please visit St. Petersburg Christian University International Program.


Steps to Apply

LETU Application Process

Letter of Invitation - DEADLINE: End of March

St. Petersburg Handbook:LETU-SPbCU Exchange Handbook

For further information about SPbCU, please visit their English website

Questions? Contact:

Sarah Epling

International Studies Officer

(903) 233-3173


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