Leibniz University Hannover-Germany

Leibniz University Hannover-Germany


LeTourneau University is excited to partner with a new university in Germany that offers a variety of courses and internships for Engineering, Liberal Arts, Business and more! Leibniz University in Hannover is one of Europe's oldest and yet still leading technical universities for Science and Technology. What's great about Leibniz besides its connections to internships at Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW, is also the ability to receive a scholarship to help research at LUH through the DAAD Scholarship out of Germany. It's a world of opportunity for our students in Engineering as well as other disciplines!

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Most of the classes are taught in German, so if you are looking to brush up, go for it! If you want to take some beginner classes on the side while taking your core classes in English, here is what they have available:

  • Business/Economics/Management - more than 40 US credit Points
  • Engineering has only a couple classes in English, however, they offer project work in English, where students can work on a project in one of their institutes.
  • During summer break they offer their American Partners (Purdue, UNL, Berkeley) their "Science and Engineering Research Project Summer Program" (end of May to beginning of August) in English.
  • Classes in English are also available in Politics, History, and in the English department: British and American Studies.
  • A very popular summer program to learn German (Summer Akademie) is also offered.
  • HISSEMA: 'Hannover International Summer School of Economics and Management'

You can find a full list of Courses and select classes in English

LUH is a great opportunity for students to learn more about Germany, its culture and language, and also to experience the industries this leading nation in Science and Engineering has to offer. Please check out more specific information about living and studying at LUH


  • Opportunity for Science and Engineering students to do a study abroad program at LUH next summer
  • During your summer break, from May 19th to August 8th
  • Established together with PURDUE UNIVERSITY
  • Must be an incoming Junior or Senior to apply
  • In this program, students can work in one of our research institutes (science, horticulture, mechanical, electrical engineering, etc) on a research project for 11 weeks
  • The first week is devoted to intercultural training and visiting German companies such as VW, Sennheiser, etc.
  • Costs are 3000 € (partner 2.500 €) including housing, health insurance, enrollment, public transportation
  • The student typically receives. 9 US Credits
  • The student will live here in our residence halls and will have a German study Buddy to help him to get around


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Questions? Contact:

Sarah Epling

International Studies Officer

(903) 233-3173


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