About The Graduate School

The Graduate School at LeTourneau University is built on the strong foundational heritage of its founder, R.G. LeTourneau—a foundation of innovation, entrepreneurship, hands-on learning, and applied workplace education.
As an administrative unit, the Graduate School oversees the development of the professional graduate educational initiatives, including on-ground and hybrid degree programs, professional certification programs, CEUs, and university-to-business educational partnerships, as well as single course and focused training units.
Mission & Vision
The mission of the Graduate School is to centralize all six academic schools within the university, promote the quality of education across all programs, assist faculty and administration in building world-class graduate programs, enhance and enrich the graduate student learning experience, and expand the reach of the university regionally and globally.
As such, the Graduate School works collaboratively with the university community to lead in the delivery of innovative graduate and professional certification programs encompassing the university's academic schools (Arts & Sciences, Aviation & Aeronautical Science, Business & Technology, Teacher Education, Engineering & Engineering Technology, Nursing, Psychology & Counseling, Theology & Vocation) to meet the educational and professional development needs of all graduate students (online, residential, or those enrolled in a hybrid program). With a view to the future, we seek to educate the next generation of scholars, professionals, and global leaders in a competitive, knowledge-based world.
An early adopter in the professional-level education and online learning arena, LeTourneau University continues to build upon 25 years of focused graduate and professional-oriented education. In conjunction with the university's Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, the Graduate School fosters an exemplary learning environment in which innovative online and hybrid delivery models are more than valued—They're proven.
To learn more about partnering with The Graduate School at LeTourneau University, contact Dr. Robert W. Hudson, Vice President for Global Enrollment Services.



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