Focus On Excellence

At LeTourneau University, students and faculty are challenged to reach out beyond the classroom with their undergraduate research. Focus on Excellence 2010 provided the opportunity to showcase student projects in numerous fields of study.
From working with disabled children in third world countries to competing in Baja Racing, hands-on learning and outreach are vital parts of the LeTourneau experience.
More than 25 projects were presented to administration and the Board of Trustees as examples of how LETU students are working to better society and provide research for top-tier companies.

 Click to view videos and learn more about each project on their webpages. Keep checking back for more
videos of how LeTourneau is reaching “Every Workplace. Every Nation.”


Digital Radio Mondiale


Learn more about DRM.



SAE Aero Design


Learn more about SAE Aero Design.





Learn more about Psychology.



School of Business


Learn more about the School of Business.



LeTourneau University

Mission Aviation (LUMA) 


Learn more about LUMA.



Baja Competition



Learn more about Baja Racing.



STING Precision Flight Team



Learn more about STING.





Learn more about Wheels.




Visual Literacy


Learn more about Visual Literacy.



Vortical Energy

Recovery Turbine (VERT)


Learn more about VERT.



Middle East Trips


Learn more about Middle East trips.


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