Fusion Splicer

1 Purpose

The purpose of the fusion splicer is to precisely join two pieces of fiber optic cable into one piece while preventing any major power losses in the junction. The splicer contains a chamber to fuse the two prepared ends of cable together using an arc and a heat shrink oven to further protect the new splice.

2 Features and Specifications

  • Dual Camera Splice Loss Estimation

  • 60 Splice & Heater Shrinks per Battery Charge

  • User Friendly Menu Selection Interface

  • Built-in Battery Charger

  • Lynx - CustomFit Splice-On Connector Compatible

  • Automatic Arc Test Function

  • 11 Second Splice Time for SMF/MMF

  • 40 Second Heater Cycle

  • Internal Splice Data Storage

3 Operation

The steps to perform a splice are as follows:

  1. Prepare and clean the two fiber ends to be spliced and place them in fiber holders.

  2. Place fiber holders into the slots in the splicer hood.

  3. Close the hood.

  4. Perform an arc test to ensure consistent fusion quality, low power losses, and compensation for environmental conditions, electrode wear, and the melting characteristics of the type of fiber.

  5. If arc test returns ”Arc OK”, start splicing. Otherwise, re-do the arc test and prepare the fiber again.

  6. To start splicing, select the green circle key from the ”Ready” screen.

  7. After splicing is finished, a splice loss estimation will be displayed.

  8. To view the splice data, press the ”i” key. To perform a re-arc if necessary, press the ”M” key.

  9. Reinforce splice by sliding the sleeve over the slice portion and placing the it into the heat shrink oven, making sure the fiber protection sleeve is centered over the splice and also centered within the heat shrink oven.

  10. Close the acrylic lid.

  11. Press the yellow heat shrink key to start the heating cycle.

  12. After the splicer beeps, the heating process is complete and the newly spliced fiber section can be removed.

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