Meet the Team

Left to right: (Back) Dustin Kulka, Tom Hellmuth, Brian Kelsey, Gareth Evans, Tyler Whitney, William Curry
(Front) Cheryl Biedrzycki, Hailey Bodiford
  • Gareth Evans (Senior)
    Team Lead: Ultimately responsible for the performance of the entire project. Oversees project, coordinates efforts of each sub-system, and manages resources and personnel. Works with each sub-system as needed.
  • Cheryl Biedrzycki (Senior)
    Design/fabrication of pump structure
  • Brian Kelsey (Senior)
    Research, design/fabrication of pump valves; material selection oversight
  • Dustin Kulka (Senior)
    Design/fabrication of pistons and cylinders; corporate fundraising
  • Tyler Whitney (Senior)
    Design/fabrication of pump seals; joining methods for PVC joints
  • Hailey Bodiford (Sophomore)
    LEGS Scholar, responsible for the extremities of the pump system
  • William Curry (Senior)
    Design Technology, responsible for technical drafts & media development