SPARC Solar Team


Stephen Raney (Team Lead)
E-mail: stephenraney@letu.edu

I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering student. I grew up in Indonesia where my parents are missionaries. I hope to work on the development and implementation of technology to help the starving, poor, and sick of our world.


Jeremy Brooks (Secretary)
E-mail: jeremybrooks@letu.edu

I am a senior from Manassas, VA studying Mechanical Engineering at LeTourneau University. After graduating, I plan on getting a job in some sort of design engineering, possibly in alternative energy sources.


Ryan Chappell (Comptroller)
E-mail: ryanchappell@letu.edu

I am a senior from San Diego, CA and am studying Mechanical Engineering Technology. I hope to work in the automotive or military weapon systems industry after graduation from LeTourneau University.


Jared Schaffer
E-mail: jaredschaffer@letu.edu

I am a Mechanical Engineering senior from central Illinois. God has not yet revealed His plans for my future.


Mike Congdon
E-mail: mikecongdon@letu.edu

I am a Senior Electrical Engineering Technology student from Fairbanks, Alaska. I hope to work in audio system design or alternative energy practical implementation.


Chung Park
E-mail: chungpark@letu.edu


Dr. Jesse French (Faculty Advisor)
E-mail: JesseFrench@letu.edu