Goals and Planning

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PROJECT GOAL 2011-2012

This year the Powered Parachute senior design team’s ultimate goal is to support I-TEC in researching, calculating, and monitoring the fatigue and/or wear life of various components of the Maverick. The components analyzed will include bearings in the drive train and welds on the frame, suspension, or engine mounts.

In order to accomplish the project goal the following objectives were fulfilled:

  • Select Bearings in the Maverick drive train will be analyzed.
  • Analyze select welded joints in the Maverick frame, engine mount, or suspension
  • Design a data acquisition system to test bearings and weldments
  • All sensors and data acquisition equipment will be implemented on a Maverick during Spring Break at I-TEC’s headquarters in Florida.
  • Incorporate sensor data gathered over spring break into bearing life calculations and weld life predictions.
  • All findings and recommendations will be documented and submitted to I-TEC at the end of the school year.

Goals fulfilled:


  • Collected Maverick running data over Spring Break
  • Calculations based on analyzed data are complete
  • Fatigue tests have given a more complete prediction for weldment life