Competition Goals

Goal/objective of the project

The goal of the LeTourneau Autonomous Robotic Competition (LARC) senior design team is to design and build an autonomous robot to enter into the 2014 IEEE Region 5 Robotics Competition. The competition is held at the annual Green Technologies conference with the goal of bringing academic, industrial, and other areas together to focus on environmental issues. The robot must comply with the competition rules, and the robot must complete the task 100% autonomously.

Robot Restrictions

The following restrictions are required for all robots that enter the competition:

  1. Entries must be completely autonomous and self-contained.
  2. The robot is not allowed to communicate with any device or being during the round.
  3. The maximum dimensions of the robot are 1’ x 1’ x 1’. This only applies during the beginning and end of the round. The robot is allowed to extend beyond these dimensions during the round.
  4. Robots must not exceed a generous weight limit of 50 lbs. at any time.
  5. The robot must be deemed safe in the eyes of the judges. The possibility of harm towards humans and/or property will be the deciding factor.
  6. An easily accessible, easily identifiable start/stop button must be provided for the judges to initiate the round.

Scoring Rules

The team will gain one point for completing each of the following tasks.

  1. Identify which oil rig is on fire and pick up the correct tool to extinguish flame
  2. Navigate ocean with the correct tool to extinguish flame
  3. Navigate to the correct oil rig within 3”
  4. Insert tool to extinguish the flame in correct oil rig and leave tool behind (the flame must fall down due to the tool)
  5. Navigate ocean, leaving the tool behind
  6. Return to base
  7. After three rounds for each team, the three teams with the most points (ties determined by fastest time), will enter a final round. These three teams will compete in one final round to determine the final placing.