Meet the Team

T_StephenI am Stephen Wood, and I will be the team captain for LAARS. I'm majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. I am a senior this year, and I'm looking forward to having mostly liberal arts electives since I've finished my engineering and computer science courses. I very much enjoy low level software and embedded systems hardware and software design. My family lives in Longview, so although I live in the dorms I enjoy seeing them frequently during the school year.





T_RebecaMy name is Rebeca Tijiboy and I am a Computer Engineering major with a Computer Science minor. I am from San Salvador, El Salvador. I have been working for almost a year at a company where I get to do hardware design and software implementation mainly on microcontrollers which I have been enjoying.






T_KaylaHello, my name is Kayla Bayse and I am studying Electrical Engineering at LeTourneau University. I am from Dallas Center, IA, just outside of Des Moines.






T_PhillipHello, my name is Phillip Davis. I grew up as the youngest of five in Middle-East TN. I have always enjoyed tinkering with computers/electronics from as long as I can remember. When I'm not programming or studying, I also enjoy making films and doing fun physics/electronic projects.





T_KyleMy name is Kyle Sulek and I am a junior electrical engineering student. My hometown is Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I have spent my senior year of high school and two summers working at Rockwell Collins on software and hardware development. My experiences at work combined with my hobby of building homemade UAVs has made me comfortable with hands-on electronics work. Ultimately, I hope to pursue a career with avionics.




T_MattHi, I am Matt Epp from Des Moines, IA.  I am a junior electrical engineer who enjoys engineering design and playing with chapel bands in my free time.






T_JonathanMy name is Jonathan Yee, and I am an Aero-Electrical Engineering Technology major. I was born and raised in Katy, Texas, and as a senior I am looking forward to pursuing a career in the aerospace industry after I graduate.