Engineered Water Solutions


Engineered Water Solutions is a student project working with villagers in Poundium Senegal. Currently, many families in Senegal have to water plants individually on their one acre plots, which is a time consuming and tiring task. With the design and implementation of a complete irrigation system (drilling, casing, pumping, storing, and using the water) these people’s lives will greatly improve.

Previous years groups have designed and tested several different drilling and pumping designs. Many of these designs were taken and tested in Senegal in August of this year (2014). While in Senegal, the team successfully installed a pump in an existing well and tested the current drilling method. The team ran into a few difficulties while in-country. One difficulty was the phenomenon known as heaving sands which prevented drilling greater than 17 feet.

It is the current team’s goal to find a way to mitigate the heaving sands. In addition, small modifications are being made to the pumping process to make the system more durable. It is the team’s goal to complete these tasks by mid-spring and to begin looking into ways of storing and using the water gathered.