Engineering Degrees

We offer a B.S. Degree in Engineering with Six Different Concentrations.

Each will combine your specific interests with the fundamentals of engineering to prepare you for work with leading engineering companies.

Department of Engineering Catalog

Biomedical Engineering

You won’t find this Biomedical Engineering major at any other Christian college.

Using the latest technology in our biomedical laboratory, you’ll combine your interest in the human body with your desire to create.

You will have the opportunity to research ways to use engineering tools to improve people’s physical abilities.

Our students have worked on designing prosthetic limbs that simulate using brain waves to move. They also have researched the effects of knee injuries.

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Computer Engineering

You will learn the inner workings of computers, then design and build your own computer from scratch before you graduate.

With the Computer Engineering major, you will one day enjoy a satisfying career in an industry that works with some of the most advanced technologies on the planet.

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Electrical Engineering

If your mom ever yelled at you for taking apart the radio, choose the Electrical Engineering major. We'll cheer when you do it here.

You’ll learn how to design technology that uses electricity to improve our lives.

When you graduate, you’ll be ready to work in areas such as:

  • electronics
  • computers
  • control systems
  • robotics
  • aviation
  • and aerospace.

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Materials Joining Engineering

We are one of only two universities in the nation that provides an engineering program with a welding concentration accredited by ABET .

If you major in engineering and choose a concentration in Materials Joining, you will be in demand for some of the highest paid engineering jobs available.

Engineers who understand the engineering aspects of joining materials are sought after by companies that produce:

  • aircraft carriers
  • skyscrapers
  • fighter jets
  • pressure vessels
  • piping systems
  • and machinery used for various manufacturers.

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Mechanical Engineering

Is your idea of a dream job designing the next machine that will make life and work easier?

The Mechanical Engineering concentration can teach you to be a high quality engineer with the skills to work with advanced technologies.

Graduates can work with:

  • automobiles
  • mechanical machinery
  • power systems
  • energy conversion systems
  • airplanes
  • space vehicles
  • and a range of other machines.

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