Mission and Objectives

Engineering Program Mission Statement

The engineering program of LeTourneau University will produce graduates that are able to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application for preparation as effective engineers in an ever-changing technological environment. This will be accomplished within an interdisciplinary framework and with a sense of a Christian vocation and commitment to serving God in society.

Engineering Program Objectives

  1. Graduates will effectively complete engineering designs and other applications employing both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  2. Graduates will be characterized by their interdisciplinary engineering strengths.
  3. Graduates will exhibit effective teamwork and communication skills in the work place.
  4. Graduates will be characterized by a high level of technical leadership skills.
  5. Graduates will adapt to changing industry and technology advancements & also be committed to continuous improvement.
  6. Graduates will demonstrate ethical behavior with a sense of Christian purpose in the workplace.
  7. Graduates will be successfully employed as engineers or accepted into graduate programs.