Engineering Technology - Facilities

Glaske Center for Engineering, Science and Technology

A modern 53,000 square foot facility was opened in the fall of 2001 with the following features.

  • Three main buildings.
  • Over 40,000 square feet of facilities dedicated to Engineering and Engineering Technology.
  • Multimedia equipment in all classrooms.
  • A state-of-the-art auditorium for special lectures and events.
  • Cutting-edge laboratories and equipment.

11 laboratories (over 8,000 square feet) in fields of:

  • Biomedical,
  • Thermodynamics and Fluids,
  • Robotics,
  • Vibrations,
  • Mechatronics and Electrical Machinery,
  • Measurements and Materials testing,
  • Microcontrollers,
  • Communications,
  • Electronics and circuits,
  • Advanced electronics,
  • and Computer-Aided Drafting.

Computer Engineering students get hands-on experience analyzing electrical circuitry and computer hardware.

In the microcomputer lab, you will design, build and test your own single board computer from discrete components, including integrated circuits.


Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Technology students will use advanced equipment to analyze data and gain firsthand knowledge of how theory does or does not represent real world events.


Biomedical Engineering students use high-tech computer equipment to work on biomedical research projects, such as a prosthetic arm that responds to simulated nerve signals.


Electrical Engineering and Engineering Technology students will design, build and test a variety of electronic equipment from simple circuits to complete microprocessor-based systems.

You will use advanced test and measurement equipment, much of which is computer-based, to explore the intricacies of electrical design.


Materials Joining Engineering Building

Materials Joining students spend much of their time in the 7,300 square feet of laboratories, which contain welding process and research equipment valued at approximately $1 million.  This includes the following items and more.

  • Arc welding equipment
  • Laser welding systems
  • A robotic cell
  • A metallurgical lab
  • A scanning electron microscope

Materials Joining students also use a Gleeble 1500, a leading piece of equipment for welding process simulation. LeTourneau is among two dozen universities in the world to own one.


Machine Tool and Design Lab

The 7,300 square foot Machine Tool and Design Lab, renovated in 2002, provides equipment for major machining processes, including lathes, mills, surface grinder and other commonly used pieces of machine tool equipment.

Senior design teams are each assigned their own limited access work rooms to work on their capstone design projects which historically have placed very high in national engineering design competitions.

Students in other courses with design project assignments also have access to the Machine Tool and Design Lab to work on their projects.