Engineering Technology Concentrations

Whether you like Aircraft, Machines, Electronics or Welding, we offer a B.S. Engineering Technology degree with concentrations that combine the design skills and technical education that engineering companies seek.

Department of Engineering Technology Catalog


Electrical Concentration

We'll teach you how to apply electrical engineering principles to various types of electrical devices and systems.

Graduates can work in areas such as:

  • electronics
  • computers
  • control systems
  • robotics
  • aviation and aerospace

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Materials Joining Concentration

We are the only university in the nation that provides an Engineering Technology program with a concentration in Materials Joining that is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission and the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

If you major in Engineering Technology and choose a concentration in Materials Joining, you will be in demand for some of the highest paid jobs available.

Individuals who understand the engineering aspects of joining materials are sought by companies that produce:

  • aircraft carriers,
  • skyscrapers,
  • fighter jets,
  • pressure vessels,
  • piping systems,
  • and machinery used for various manufacturers.

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Mechanical Concentration

This concentration gives a firm understanding of mechanical principles and machines to prepare you to work in various career fields including:

  • machine design,
  • automotive systems,
  • automation,
  • energy conversion,
  • airplanes and space vehicles.

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Aeronautical-Mechanical Concentration

If you want to design aircraft, choose this major and we’ll give you the engineering tools for an in-depth understanding of aircraft mechanical systems.

With an Engineering Technology degree and an Aeronautical-Mechanical concentration, you’ll be ready for a career in the aerospace industry that can take you to higher places.

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Aeronautical-Electrical Concentration

You’ll learn how to create electronic systems that provide in-flight safety for today’s advanced aerospace technology.

Graduates are prepared to design such electrical systems as aircraft avionics and power systems.

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