Letter to Students

Dear Prospective Students--

Today, more than ever, the design and manufacturing industries are in desperate need of qualified individuals who are strong in math and the sciences to help create designs and push technology to the next level. Concurrent Engineering is changing the way products are created and the role of a designer to create an accurate model which allows collaboration is a key role in today’s engineering and manufacturing industries. The Design and Manufacturing program at LeTourneau uniquely prepares students for the challenges they will face in tomorrow’s workplace.

Computer aided design and drafting form the core of the Design and Manufacturing Technology program. Anything manufactured has progressed from a rough concept to a final design that has been detailed sufficiently so that the desired concept can become a three dimensional reality. Manufacturing courses are also an integral part of the program so that students understand not only what they are creating but what kind of processes will make it a reality.

The completion of this degree provides the student with the basic tools needed to enter and succeed in the Design and Manufacturing professions. By earning this degree you show prospective employers that you have the ability to begin work, further your learning and further your performance in this profession.

One who chooses this area of study should have many of the following characteristics:

  • Be detail oriented
  • Have some drafting, drawing, doodling experience
  • Have a desire for and a joy of technical drawing
  • Have the ability to understand and see proportion
  • Have the ability to visualize (imagining in your mind what ‘it’ will be at completion)

In the process of completing the Design and Manufacturing Technology program you will strengthen your ability in proportional-spatial comprehension and your ability to visualize. You will also have personal experience with 2d and 3d drafting and solids modeling programs in addition to making what you design. This is a very practical, application oriented degree where virtually every course incorporates hands-on experience.

By earning an associate’s degree in Design and Manufacturing Technology at LeTourneau University you will complete a wide range of study and coursework in two years. In addition, many of our students use the Design and Manufacturing Technology associate degree as the core of a four year degree. Drafting Board StudentAt LeTourneau, the degree can be combined with Aviation or added to any BS or BA degree as technical minor.

I invite you to visit our campus and particularly the Design and Manufacturing Technology facilities. I would be glad to discuss the program with you and answer any questions you may have.

May the Lord continue to provide leadership in all of your decisions.


Jeff Johnson
Design and Manufacturing Technology Program Coordinator