Computer Concentration


Computer engineering is a rapidly growing field that focuses on the theory, design and application of digital computers and related hardware. It combines basic electrical engineering with computer science to provide a broad background in circuitry, software, and applications.

The computer concentration prepares graduates for developing, designing, and testing computer hardware systems.


Interesting Classes You'll Take

The concentration in computer engineering at LeTourneau University involves a curriculum of 130 semester hours and is one of six concentration choices within our Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

  • Advanced Circuits
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microcomputer Design
  • Networks & Data Communications

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Student Project Highlights

The goal of the Versatile ADS-B Communications System project is to design and make a prototype of a compact and versatile Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) communication card sponsored by Rockwell Collins Inc.

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The goal of the Electronic Access Computer Station team is to design an electronic control system to automate a computer station’s vertical door system for hospital–hallway application sponsored by CCI group Inc.

This system will provide hands free access to the computers. The design should be cost efficient and practical for mass production.

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What can you do with this concentration?

With a degree in engineering, computer concentration, graduates may choose from a number of industry career options.

A few possible career choices include:

  • Computer Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer


Explore Lab Space

Learn more about the lab space and facilities available to Engineering, Computer Concentration students:

Computer Engineering Facilities


From an Alum

"LETU provided me with a unique educational experience, combining an engineering foundation that can compete with even the highest ranking universities in the country and a rich Christian training for life."

- Paul Hummel '03 Grad